Dear Colleagues, we are pleased to cordially invite you to 10th International Meeting «Photosynthesis and Hydrogen Energy Research for Sustainability – 2019» in honor of Kimiyuki Satoh (Japan), Tingyun Kuang (China), Cesare Marchetti (Italy) and Anthony Larkum (Australia).

Your participation is important for the success of the Meeting, and will be very much appreciated. This Meeting will be a great occasion for discussions of previous, present, and future research on photosynthesis and hydrogen energy, from molecular to global, and will provide an exciting scientific program, which will cover the breadth and depth of photosynthesis and hydrogen energy, and to meet researchers of photosynthesis and hydrogen energy from around the world. This meeting will provide a forum for students, postdoctoral fellows and scientists from different countries to deepen their knowledge and understanding, widen professional contact, to create new opportunities and establish new collaborations.

From late May to early July nights are bright in Saint Petersburg, but the real White Nights normally last from June 11 to July 2. The nature of the White Nights (Beliye Nochi) can be explained by the geographical location of Saint Petersburg. It is the world’s most northern city with a population over 5 million.

International Society of Photosynthesis Research (ISPR)

International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE)

International Journal for Photosynthesis Research

Organizing Committee.

Honorary persons

Kimiyuki Satoh


Emeritus Professor, Okayama University, Okayama, Japan.

Tingyun Kuang


Professor of Institute of Botany, the Chinese academy of Sciences.

Cesare Marchetti


Physicist and System Analyst.

Anthony Larkum


Professor Emeritus, Plant Sciences, School of Biological Sciences, University of Sydney.

International Advisory Board

Willem Vermaas
President of International Society of Photosynthesis Research

T. Nejat Veziroglu
President of International Association for Hydrogen Energy

Terry Bricker
Editor-in-Chief of Photosynthesis Research

Emre A. Veziroglu
Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Vladimir V. Kuznetsov
President of Russian Society of Plant Physiologists; Editor-in-Chief of Russian Journal of Plant Physiology

Sergey Shabala
Past President of Australian Society of Plant Scientists; Editor-in-Chief of Functional Plant Biology

William A. Cramer


Norio Murata

Nathan Nelson

George Papageorgiou

Vladimir A. Shuvalov


International Organizing Committee:

Suleyman I. Allakhverdiev

James Barber

Julian J. Eaton-Rye
(New Zealand)

Anatoly A. Tsygankov

Tatsuya Tomo


Seiji Akimoto (Japan)
Eva-Maria Aro (Finland)
Maria Borisova-Mubarakshina (Russia)
Marian Brestic (Slovakia)
Barry Bruce (USA)
Robert Burnap (USA)
Robert Carpentier (Canada)
Min Chen (Australia)
Arvi Freiberg (Estonia)
Thomas Friedrich (Germany)

Gyozo Garab (Hungary)
Dmitry V. Geltman (Russia)
John Golbeck (USA)
Harvey Hou (USA)
Irada Huseynova (Azerbaijan)
Kentaro Ifuku (Japan)
Boris N. Ivanov (Russia)
Dmitry A. Los (Russia)
Wolfgang Lubitz (Germany)
Mohammad Mahdi Najafpour (Iran)

Hong Gil Nam (Korea)
Hiroshi Nishihara (Japan)
Xiaochun Qin (China)
Seeram Ramakrishna (Singapore)
Andrew B. Rubin (Russia)
Jian-Ren Shen (Japan)
Kostas Stamatakis (Greece)
Rajagopal Subramanyam (India)
Olga V. Voitsekhovskaja (Russia)

Local Organizing and Program Committee:

Chairman: Anatoly A. Tsygankov
Co-chair: Olga V. Voitsekhovskaja
Co-chair: Maria Borisova-Mubarakshina
Ksenia E. Chebotareva
Ksenia S. Dobryakova

Valeriya A. Dmitrieva
Anastasiia I. Evkaikina
Alexandra V. Murtuzova
Ilya A. Naydov
Camilla K. Rabadanova

Natalia N. Rudenko
Anna V. Stepanova
Elena V. Tyutereva
Daria V. Vetoshkina
Denis Yanykin


On behalf of the International and Local Organizing Сommittees, we cordially invite you to take part in the 10th International conference “Photosynthesis and Hydrogen Energy Research for Sustainability-2019” which will be held on June 23 – 28, 2019 in St. Petersburg, in the Palace of Beloselsky – Belozersky (Nevsky prospect, 41)

We kindly invite companies to consider supporting this Conference as a sponsor and to participate in the exhibition. The conference provides a wide range of opportunities to promote products and services to manufacturers of laboratory equipment and tools, consumables and software. Participation in the Conference will offer you a unique opportunity to establish contacts with foreign and Russian consumers, and will give the sponsors with the right to present a thematic report, get mentioned in the news, in the collection of materials and on other information media of the Conference.

Speakers of the conference

for oral presentation please contact Coordinator Suleyman I. Allakhverdiev


Jian-Ren Shen

Seiji Akimoto

Julian Eaton-Rye
(New Zealand)

Tatsuya Tomo

Chris Garvey

Rajagopal Subramanyam

Franz-Josef Schmitt

Kentaro Ifuku

Barry Bruce

Matthias Rogner

Marc Nowaczyk

Jörg Pieper

Conference program

information will be added soon.

The meeting will cover the following topics:

1. Photosynthesis Research for Sustainability:

1.1. Primary Processes of Photosynthesis
1.2. Structure, Function and Biogenesis of the Photosynthetic Apparatus
1.3. Photosystem I and Bacterial Photosynthesis
1.4. Photosystem II and Water Oxidation Mechanism
1.5. Energy Transfer and Trapping in Photosystems
1.6. Plant Development and Growth Regulation
1.7. Carbon Fixation (C3 and C4) and Photorespiration
1.8. Artificial and Applied aspects of Photosynthesis including Nanotechnology
1.9. Regulation of Photosynthesis, ROS production and Environmental Stress
1.10. Systems Biology of Photosynthesis: Integration of Genomic, Proteomic, Metabolomic and Bioinformatic Studies
1.11. Plant Mineral Nutrients and Photosynthetic Capacity
1.12. Photosynthesis Education and Emerging Techniques for Studying Photosynthesis including Neutron Scattering

2. Hydrogen Energy Research for Sustainability:

2.1. Energy for the Future – Hydrogen economy
2.2. Elevating Climate Change
2.3. Biological Hydrogen Production
2.4. Hydrogenases
2.5. Proton Reduction Catalysts
2.6. Reduction of Carbon Dioxide
2.7. Artificial Photosynthesis for Hydrogen energy
2.8. Nanotechnology in Fuel Cells
2.9. Nanomaterials for Hydrogen Production
2.10. Hydrogen Energy Education and Emerging Techniques for Studying of Hydrogen Energy

Registration and Registration Fee

Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the organizing committee of the 10 th International Conference “Photosynthesis and Hydrogen Energy Research for Sustainability – 2019”: in honor of Kimiyuki Satoh (Japan), Tingyun Kuang (China), Cesare Marchetti (Italy) and Anthony Larkum (Australia), which will be held from June 23 to 28, 2019 in Saint Petersburg (former Leningrad) old capital city of Russia, and we are pleased to invite all of you to attend this meeting and present your latest results on Photosynthesis and Hydrogen Energy. This meeting will cover all topics of Photosynthesis (including artificial photosynthesis), and Hydrogen Energy.

We are setting the registration fee as low as possible:
Meeting Registration Fee includes participation in the conference, participant kit, coffee breaks, welcome party and excursion to the Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace
Registration fee for accompanying person includes welcome party, excursion to the Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace.

Registration fee
Participants (including Speakers, Organizers)
Students, undergraduates and graduate students
Accompanying person

Before April 30, 2019
400 Euro
200 Euro
100 Euro

After April 30, 2019
480 Euro
240 Euro
150 Euro

Online registration

Registration on-site: 550 Euro

Registration fee for participants from Russia*
Participants (including Speakers, Organizers)
Students, undergraduates and graduate students
Accompanying person

Before April 30, 2019
3000 Rubles
1500 Rubles
500 Rubles

After April 30, 2019
4000 Rubles
2000 Rubles
1000 Rubles

Онлайн регистрация

Registration on-site: 5500 Rubles
*We greatly appreciate the help of Russian sponsors in reduction of the registration fee for Russian participants

We hope these modest registration fees will facilitate your attendance at this timely meeting when the importance of our field is being appreciated by a wider spectrum of scientists ranging from those involved in renewable energy research to those concerned with increasing agricultural productivity and global climate change.

Also, we hope all of you will take this opportunity to visit Saint Petersburg and spend some inspiring and enjoyable days and see some of the beautiful sights of the country. Your participation will be a great occasion for discussions of previous, present, and future research on Photosynthesis and Hydrogen Energy, and also to meet researchers from around the world. Once again, we are looking forward to seeing you at what will be a conference with productive and friendly atmosphere.

Important dates

Abstract submission opening: 10 February 2019

Abstract submission deadline:
for oral – 31 March 2019
for poster – 30 April 2019
Early bird registration deadline: 30 April 2019
Late registration deadline: 25 May 2019

Arrival day: 22-23 June 2019 (we will have lectures on June 23, afternoon)
Meeting/Conference days: June 24, 25, 26 (these days we will have two parallel sessions).
Excursion day: June 27
Departure day: June 28


Submit your abstract for the 10th International Conference “Photosynthesis and Hydrogen Energy Research for Sustainability – 2019” in honor of Kimiyuki Satoh (Japan), Tingyun Kuang (China), Cesare Marchetti (Italy) and Anthony Larkum (Australia).

It is required to be a registered participant to submit an abstract (one abstract per participant). Abstracts will be accepted only when the full registration fee has been paid.

Instructions for abstract preparation

1. Format
a. Abstracts must be in English.
b. Each abstract is limited to one page A4 size. Leaving 3 cm for each of the left, right, and upper margins and 7 cm for the bottom margin.
c. Use the font Times New Roman of 12 pt in single spacing or equivalent system font.
d. Use superscripts and subscripts for chemical formulas and Greek symbols from “Insert special symbols” menu. Do not use special fonts (i.e. Symbol).
e. Do not include figures or tables in the abstract.
f. Look for the abstracts from previous meetings on this website for additional guidance.

2. Session number
a. Each abstract must be identified with a Session number in the first line. e.g. S1.1
b. Select the topic from the Scientific Program that represents your work best. Only one Session number can be selected per abstract.

3. Title
a. Please, do not write your title in all upper-case letters. Use normal font.

4. Author(s) and Institution(s)
a. Use the same Times New Roman 12 pt font in single spacing or equivalent.
b. First Name must be placed before Family Name. Do not abbreviate First Name and Family Name. For European names extended Latin letters are allowed.
c. If the authors come from different institutions, they must be marked by superscripts numbers. If all authors come from the same institutions, do not mark them with superscript numbers.
d. The name of the person presenting the lecture/poster must be underlined.
e. Mark corresponding author with an asterisk. Include at least the e-mail address and, if possible, fax number and postal address of the corresponding author.

5. Abstract submission
a. All abstracts should be submitted through online registration form in the Registration and Registration fee part
b. Please do not submit the same abstract more than one time


Title of my presentation
Elvin Okazaki1*, Emilie Quebec2, and Sevil T. Baku1,3
1 – Institute of Basic Biological Problems, RAS, Pushchino, Moscow Region, Russia
2 – University of Québec, Québec, Canada
3 – Institute of Plant Physiology, RAS, Moscow, Russia
* E-mail:; Fax: +7(496)7731134
The text of your abstract. On the other hand the further development of various forms of activities entails the process of implementation and upgrading of significant financial and administrative conditions. A varied and rich experience in the scope and location of staff training is an interesting experiment to test new proposals. Ideological considerations of a higher order, as well as constant quantitative growth and scope of our activity allows us to estimate the value of personnel training system, and meets urgent needs. Ideological considerations of a higher order, as well as the strengthening and development of the framework requires us to analyze participatory systems.[1] A varied and rich experience of constant information and propaganda support of our business requires us to analyze trends progressive development.
1. Emilie Quebec et al. (2009) PhotosynRes. 16(5), pp. 113–121


We are sorry to temporarily displace the information on papers. Please, check again soon.


For poster presentation: maximum Poster size is A0 (~ 80 x 120 cm or 33,1 x 46,8 inches), vertical


Most of foreign participants attending PRS 2019 must obtain a visa to enter the Russian Federation

Please be sure whether you need Tourist or Business visa

Conference service agency Monomax PCO provides the participants with a TOURIST visa voucher and confirmation of the hotel reservation only for the dates of the conference +/- few days, but not more than 14 days in total. These documents are required for the formal visa application at a Russian Consulate. Deadline for visa support request is May 20, 2019

Pay attention that the visa support is not a visa. With this document you should go to the Russian consulate
After you get the visa support you should apply for the visa in the nearest Russian Consulate or visa center in your country
Please note that you can apply for visa by yourself or through some authorized travel agencies in your city

Please note that Monomax LLC will issue the tourist visa invitation only after the payment of the conference fee and the hotel reservation

Visa support type

Tourist visa support
(scanned copy)
Tourist visa support
(hard copy of the visa voucher + express mail delivery)

Price (RUR)

800 RUB

from 3 000 RUB, exact price is specified after the order is done


Scanned copy. Period of providing 1-2 working days

Period of providing is 1-2 working days. Period of express mail delivery is 3-4 working days

Citizens of some countries do not need visa to enter the Russian Federation. Here you can see a list of visa-free countries: but please be sure to consult the Russian consulate or visa centre in your country

Originals documents are required only in some countries. Please contact the Russian consulate in your country to confirm whether a scanned copy of the invitation is acceptable for the application

Online application forms are mandatory to request a visa in most Russian Consulates. However, procedures and fees may vary across different countries. Please read them carefully before submitting an application
For most EU countries two passport photos, proof of purchase of a personal travel/health insurance and the details of return airline ticket are also required at the time of application. We advise you to contact the consulate to enquire if they need anything else

The personal travel/health insurance must be on the name of passport holder applying for the visa

Be advised that in order to obtain the visa your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the proposed date of departure

To get the TOURIST visa support documents you need to:
1. Register at online reservation system. After the registration you will receive your login and password by email. Please use them to log in to your Personal area
2. Book hotel accommodation through the system and pay for it OR book it individually and send us the hotel booking confirmation
3. Go to Visa support section and fill in the data required, pay for the document
You should choose whether you need a scanned copy or the original one. It depends on the country where you apply for visa. You should contact the Russian Consulate in your country and ask what their requirements are
4. If your accompanying person needs visa support documents, she/he should also register online and undergo the same procedure

In case the original (hard copy) of the visa support is requested:
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Please note that Monomax will issue the tourist visa support only after the payment of the hotel reservation

Important notice:
1. Make sure that you indicate your NAME and SURNAME exactly as it is written in your passport
2. When you get the visa support please check the information carefully. In case of any mistakes please contact us

Participants who decide to make their own travel arrangements (e.g. those who has done their own hotel reservation) still require a tourist visa support. Please send the copy of the hotel confirmation by e-mail ( to be provided with the visa support. Participants who plans to stay at friends, should be provided with private invitation by their friends (according to the Russian law)

* Whether you will be asked in the Consulate about the place where you stay in Russia, please use the hotel name indicated in our voucher (right side of the visa support paper)
This is also correct even if you stay at some other place during you visit, and streamlines the process of getting Russian entry visa

** Carefully check the arrival / departure dates to Russia which you indicate in the application. Once you are in Russia, you can not extend your visa period without going out of Russia

*** According to the Russian migration law all foreign citizens coming to Russia from May 25 till July 25 must be registered in state authority or in the hotel (in case you are staying at the hotel) within 24 hours after crossing the border
When crossing the border to enter Russia you will be asked to fill in the migration card. Do not lose it and keep until you leave Russia

Monomax PCO is the official conference service agency of the 10th International Conference «Photosynthesis and Hydrogen Energy Research for Sustainability – 2019» (PRS2019)
Monomax PCO is a member of the International Congress Convention Association (ICCA)

Monomax PCO helps participants with:
– registration
– abstract submission
– hotel reservation
– tourist visa support

Contact us:
Ms Lidiya Lyaskovskaya
Project manager
ph. +7 812 335 20 55, ext. 452
fax +7 812 335 20 39
Tel: +7 906 264-21-27

Venue of the conference

The Meeting will be held in Saint Petersburg (former Leningrad) old capital city of Russia.

Some attractive sights can be found in the suburbs, such as Peterhof, Pavlovsk, Tsarskoe selo. All these places have once served as the official residences for Russian tsars. And, it goes without saying that there are many magnificent palaces to be seen, such as the Great Yekaterininsky Palace, the Aleksandrovsky Palace, the Bolshoi Palace and some others. Tsarskoe selo was also the place where famous Russian writer, Pushkin, grew up St. Peterburg has many attractions.

You are cordially invited to visit the northern capital of Russia Saint Petersburg.


information will be added soon.

Special Events

information will be added soon.

Cultural programme

June 27, 2019 has been set for the «cultural program», which includes several excursions. Information about Excursions will be added soon.


Thank you for your interest in the science of photosynthesis!