Anthony Larkum (Australia)
Professor Emeritus, Plant Sciences, School of Biological Sciences, University of Sydney, NSW 2000.
Adjunct Professor , Plant Functional Biology and Global Climate Cluster, University of Technology, Sydney

Tel. 9351 2069
Fax. 9351 2119
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Degrees B.Sc. (Special) Imperial College, London University 1961.
Associate of the Royal College of Science 1961.
D.Phil. Wadham College, Oxford University 1966.

Date of Birth 3rd March 1940

Academic Career
1961-1962 Research Associate with Professor H. Lundegardh,
University of Upsala, Sweden.

1962-1966 Agricultural Research Council Research Graduate Scholarship, Wadham College, Oxford.

1965-1968 Research Fellow, Christ’s College, Cambridge, U.K. and
Science Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship,
Biophysics Unit, Botany School, University of Cambridge
(with Prof. E.A.C. MacRobbie, FRS).

1968-1969 U.S. National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship,
Johnson Foundation for Biophysics, University of
Pennsylvania (with Prof. Britton Chance).

1969-1994 Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor in Plant Physiology, University of Sydney.

• 1994-2000 Personal Chair in Plants Sciences, University of Sydney.

2001-2003 Professorial Fellow, Plant Sciences, University of Sydney.

2003- Emeritus Professor, University of Sydney

2009- Adjunct Professor, University of Technology

Major Themes of research:
• Photosynthesis and Light Harvesting in natural and artificial systems
• Marine Algae and Cyanobacteria
• Coral Reef and Seagrass Ecosystems
• Global climate change and bioenergy from photosynthesis
• Evolution of photosynthesis
• Bioinformatics – DNA-based Phylogenetic Analysis of Cyanobacteria and Algae

Editorial Boards
Trends in Plant Sciences
Interface Journal of the Royal Society
Professional Societies
Australian Marine Sciences Association
Australian Society of Phycology and Aquatic Botany
International Photosynthesis Society
International Coral Reef Society


Has supervised over 40 PhD and MSc students and examined an equivalent number for other Universities.


8 Books and over 230 articles in refereed scholarly journals (see publication list).
Currently editing two books for Springer Verlag:
1. Second edition of “Seagrasses of Australia”
2. Second edition of “Photosynthesis in Algae”.

Ten best publications

Larkum, AWD, EA Drew, PJ Ralph. 2007. Photosynthesis and metabolism in seagrasses at the cellular level. In: SEAGRASSES: BIOLOGY, ECOLOGYAND CONSERVATION, pp. 323-345 Springer Verlag, Berlin. (608 Citations)
Jones, RJ, O Hoegh‐Guldberg, AWD Larkum, U Schreiber 1998.Temperature‐induced bleaching of corals begins with impairment of the CO2 fixation mechanism in zooxanthellae. Plant, Cell & Environment 21 (12), 1219-1230. (582 Citations)
Salih, A., Larkum A.W.D., Cox, G.C., Kuhl, M. and Hoegh-Guldberg, O. 2000. Fluorescent pigments in corals are photoprotective. Nature (Lond) 408, 850-853 (501 Citations).
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New publications in 2018

AWD Larkum, G A Kendrick, PJ Ralph. 2018. Seagrasses of Australia, 2nd Edn. Springer 797pp.

Larkum, AWD, Waycott, M, Conran, JG. 2018. Chapter 1. Evolution and Biogeography of seagrasses. In; AWD Larkum, G A Kendrick, PJ Ralph. 2018. Seagrasses of Australia, 2nd Edn. Pp. 3 – 29, Springer, Berlin.

Larkum, AWD,Pernice, M, Schliep, M, Davy, P, Szabo, M, Raven JA, Lichtenberg, M, Elgetti Brodersen, K, Ralph, PJ. 2018. Chapter 11. Photosynthesis and metabolism of seagrasses. In; AWD Larkum, G A Kendrick, PJ Ralph. 2018. Seagrasses of Australia, 2nd Edn. Pp. 315 – 342, Springer, Berlin.

Larkum AWD, Ritchie RJ, Raven JA. 2018. Living off the Sun: chlorophylls, bacteriochlorophylls and rhodopsins. Photosynthetica (Prague) 56: 11 – 43.

Pei-Chuan, T et al. 2018. Photosynthesis and Hybrid Vigour. Plant Physiology, in review.

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